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Pediatric Chiropractic at Welch Chiropractic Office Inc.

From the time they’re born, kids’ bodies go through so much. Because they’re resilient and bounce back quickly from injuries like falls, bumps, and bruises, parents often don’t think there’s anything that needs correcting.

But underlying conditions can still exist, even when it appears they have healed and have no visible effects. These underlying conditions don’t go away, and then pain or dysfunction can arise years down the road, and nobody knows what caused it, because the injury was so long ago.

At Welch Chiropractic Office Inc., we encourage parents to get kids checked regularly. Because they heal so quickly, it often only requires one or two adjustments to get them back to optimal function.
New Patients

Making Kids and Parents Comfortable

Dr. Clay takes the time to make sure kids feel comfortable with the process before he adjusts them. He’ll demonstrate an adjustment on Mom or Dad’s hand, so they can feel how gentle it is. They also help Dr. Clay by holding the Activator® for him in between adjustments.

To put parents’ minds at ease, Dr. Clay explains how adjustments work. For newborns, he’ll just use a finger. For toddlers, he’ll use the lowest setting on the Activator. Care is always tailored specifically to the patient, and he communicates with kids as he adjusts them to ensure they’re feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Achieving Success

One young girl came into our office with severe neck pain and stiffness—she couldn’t turn her head at all. She was unable to get into a prone position, so Dr. Clay assessed and adjusted her standing up. He made adjustments to two spots in her neck, and she left the office, turning her neck from side to side and telling everyone, “It doesn’t hurt! It doesn’t hurt!”

Get Care for Your Kids

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