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Meet Dr. Tera Roycraft

Dr. Tera Roycraft first experienced chiropractic as a high schooler in track and cross country. She would walk to the chiropractor in town at lunch for her appointments as his office was just down the road from school. However, she didn’t strongly consider chiropractic as a career until her second year in college. She took a health careers class which included an assignment to interview a health professional. Her roommate’s father just happened to be a chiropractor. “Great,” she thought, “I’ll be interested and it’s an easy connection.” What was meant to be a 20 minute interview turned into a whole morning conversation and she was hooked!

Education and Experience

Dr. Tera attended University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for her undergraduate and received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. She attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA for her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, graduating in 2019.

Dr. Tera is Webster certified through the ICPA, and is a perinatal and CACCP candidate through the ICPA as well. She is currently on track to have those certifications in early 2024. After experiencing the benefits of the Webster technique during her pregnancy, she is excited to be able to offer the Webster technique and specialized perinatal and pediatric chiropractic care to the mommas and babies of the Modesto area!

She is also certified as an Animal Chiropractor through the AVCA. She enjoys staying up to date on the latest in the profession through Continuing Education courses, and exploring topics that are relevant to her, her family, and her practice members.
Our Services

Fulfilled by Chiropractic

The most fulfilling part of being a chiropractor is seeing all the ways chiropractic can elevate a person’s life and seeing all the doors that open when they are living their life at their optimal potential. Dr. Tera loves how much chiropractic has to offer. Though most will think of chiropractic as a modality to address neck pain, or low back pain, or other musculoskeletal aches, and yes, Chiropractic care can be great for those things, but it is also so much more than that. Chiropractic, especially if you start young, is a way to reach your optimal potential. Chiropractic first and foremost addresses the nervous system, which is the system that controls ALL OTHER SYSTEMS in your body. If your nervous system is clear and well…adjusted, the rest of your body will have its best chance at optimal function.

Outside the Office

Outside of work Dr. Tera enjoys spending time with her family – Dr. Clay and their son. They enjoy spending time in nature, camping, disc golfing, and hiking (just short ones for now).  She also enjoys horseback riding and horsemanship in general. As her creative outlet, she enjoys the home arts of cooking, baking, crocheting, knitting on occasion, sewing, and various other crafts.

Take the first step toward allowing your body’s healing ability to come forth. Contact us today to schedule.

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