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Welch Chiropractic team

Our History

Dr. Clay’s mom, Dr. Marla Welch, opened the practice in 1986. After experiencing his own life-changing results with chiropractic, Dr. Clay’s dad, Dr. Mark Welch, became a chiropractor and joined the practice in 1991. They moved to this location in 1997 and have been here ever since. Dr. Clay joined his parents’ practice in 2020 and is taking it over now that they are retired. We recently repainted and gave the office a facelift, and patients love the bright, cheerful, relaxing ambience.

Celebrating Successes

We see life-changing results every day, but some of Dr. Clay’s favorite success stories involve kids and the elderly patients we care for. Children’s bodies can bounce back so quickly that sometimes it takes a single adjustment to restore proper function in children.

At the other end of the spectrum, we often see older patients in excruciating pain who are unable to walk or stand—their doctors have sent them away with muscle relaxers and the “you just have to live with it” speech. After a few simple, safe adjustments, they can walk without pain.

Helping Your Body Do Its Job

Dr. Clay always explains to patients that we don’t “fix” them. Using the Activator® instrument, we make a change to your structure that allows your body’s healing ability to take over. We provide the impetus, but your body does the work with the power it was born with.
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