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1101 Standiford Avenue A-6

Modesto, CA 95350 US


Meet the Chiropractors

Dr. Mark and Dr. Marla Welch have been in practicing together since 1991. Both doctors were raised right here in Modesto and met at Grace Davis High School. They have two adult children Drew and Clay. Clay is in college and Drew is pursuing his career as a firefighter. Several people have asked how a couple can work together so closely and still remain married and still be so supportive of each other? Fortunately their enjoyment of helping people is the thread that binds them even tighter together to pursue their life’s mission.

Dr Marla was born and raised in Modesto. In high school she loved science classes except for the math sections. She attended UC Long Beach and while there she was first exposed to the natural approach chiropractic offered and the opportunity to help others in such a dynamic and natural way and this was the path she chose to follow.

 Dr. Marla graduated summa cum laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in 1982. She has been in private practice with her husband Dr. Mark, at Welch Chiropractic since 1991. Dr. Marla has always been a lifelong learner and is passionate about staying current in an ever changing healthcare market place.  As is evidenced by her continued mastery in postgraduate education.  She has received certification from the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics, Chiropractic Rehabilitation and a continued commitment of ongoing courses  with Activator Methods.

Currently she enjoys working out with friends and biking with a special love for healthy organic cooking and eating. She is passionate about sharing her ideas with her patients and she encourages them to develop a healthy lifestyle including exercise and better eating habits.

Dr. Mark started out as a roofer after graduating from high school, a trade he had learned from his father. Fortunately it was a job and a skill he could use to put his wife through Chiropractic College!!! While his wife was still in Chiropractic College he was in a bad motorcycle accident. Soon the road scrapes, bruises and other external injuries were healing nicely but he began experiencing sharp pain with breathing and was steadily developing more pain and anxiety. He had never experienced anything so disabling.  He received his very first adjustment from one of Dr. Marla’s professors and had relief within minutes. He could take a deep breath in again.  Dr. Mark continued to support the family with his roofing job.  Dr. Mark was soon witnessing how much his wife enjoyed helping patients and recalling his own “miraculous” results with chiropractic care. Dr. Mark decided he would pursue this passion and join his wife in their practice in Modesto

Dr. Mark loves sports and the love of sports allowed Dr. Mark to coach his sons in football, soccer and baseball.  He is a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He served as team doctor for his son’s youth football and baseball team.  Dr. Mark also loves to play racquetball, road bike, and snow ski.


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